Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Music: Chris Brown - I Can't Win

Weeks after releasing a hot new video for the single, "Fine China" (which currently holds the number 4 spot on the Billboard R&B Chart), R&B singer Chris Brown has premiered a new single entitled "I Can't Win" via his Twitter page.

According to Brown, this song will not be on his upcoming album, "X", but he did reveal that the album will have a July 16th release date.

This song will most definitely have some tongues wagging as the lyrics describe some pretty detailing relationship woes. I'm sure many will assume that these lyrics describe Brown's on again/off again relationship with pop singer Rihanna. In the song, Brown sings about his love for a woman who is in love with "the bottle" and describes how this addiction is a problem that often comes between he and his woman:

Why you angry all the time?
Why you don’t wanna ride for me?
Girl we used to make love
When you called I would follow
Now the only thing you love is a bottle

Check out the audio for "I Can't Win" below.

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