Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Music: LaTocha Releases New Single "Show Off"


LaTocha Scott, the newest castmember of TV1's R&B Divas and former singer of girl group Xscape, has dropped a BLAZING HOT new R&B single entitled "Show Off".

Ever since her Xscape days, LaTocha has always had a strong vocal presence and "Show Off" proves that this R&B diva still has it. "Show Off" showcases LaTocha's soulful voice as she seductively sings about all she wants to do for her man. When discussing her thoughts about the sensual nature of her song, Scott had this to say: "The song evokes passion and delivers and aggressive approach on what a woman wants from her man. Most women suppress these feelings and wont express, but Im saying everything and then some."

And that she did...especially with lyrics like these:

Im so anxious
Standing here in my birthday suit
I aint got no patience
Look me in my eyes if you cant tell
That I wanna love you and do it well

You can take a listen to the full song below:

As fans of LaTocha, we are glad to see her making a strong comeback on the music scene!

What you do you think about "Show Off"? Let us know in the comments.

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