Monday, May 27, 2013

NFL Investigates Jay-Z for Recruitment of Geno Smith

Rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z is currently under investigation by the NFL Players Association for potential league violations that may have stemmed from his recruitment of NFL Jets QB Geno Smith through Roc Nation Sports.

We reported last week that Jay-Z signed rookie QB Geno Smith to his sports management agency, Roc Nation Sports.(If you missed it, you can read it here.) Smith made the announcement regarding his signing last Wednesday. However, it came to the attention to the NFL that Jay-Z might have met with Geno Smith prior to signing him to Roc Nation Sports.

First, a picture of Smith and Jay-Z (seen below) was posted on Instagram prior to Smith's announcement. Secondly, Smith's advisor, John Thornton, had previously been reported saying that Jay-Z had been present at recruitment meetings with Geno Smith, but later stated that he was misquoted. Both of these present a problem in this matter because Jay-Z is not currently a NFL-certified agent. Therefore, he is prohibited from being involved in the recruitment of prospective clients.


The investigation is still pending at the moment. It is unknown what consequences may be faced by Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports should it be determined that he acted improperly with the recruitment of Geno Smith. No comments have been made by Jay-Z or Roc Nation Sports in response to these allegations.


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