Thursday, June 20, 2013

New Music: Ciara - "Overdose"


Ciara recently released the full version of her latest single, "Overdose", that will be featured on her forthcoming studio album.

Check out the audio after the break.

Last year, a snippet of "Overdose" was released on the Internet, but now Ciara has officially released the full version of the song.

"Overdose" was co-written by Ciara, Olivia Waith, Ali Tamposi, Oliver Godstein and Josh Abraham. It is an upbeat, pop song with a synth beat on which Ciara sings about "taking so much" of her beau's love that she overdoses: 

I took your love, think I took too much / Somebody call the doctor / Somebody call the doctor doctor (doctor) / I took it all, but it's not enough / Somebody call the doctor

Ciara's self-titled album is scheduled to be released on July 9.

Take a listen to "Overdose" below:

This song is a little different from the other songs Cici has been releasing lately. It's very pop-ish, but we're feeling it. I can see this song doing very well on mainstream radio.

Are you feeling Ciara's "Overdose"? Let us know in the comments below.

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