Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Music Video: Tank ft. Chris Brown "Shots Fired"


Tank recently released a video for his blazing hot single, "Shots Fired", that features Chris Brown.


The video for "Shots Fired" was directed by Mike Ho and takes place in a crowded club full of dancers on poles, beautiful men and women partying and popping bottles, and fire blazing all over the club. There are even a couple of celebrity guest appearances in the video including Tyrese and Kevin Hart.

In the video, Tank is decked out in all leather and performs in a sea full of women, and a shirtless Chris Brown can be seen getting hype and killing it with the dance moves in the background.

This song is not your typical Tank song, and the video is not your typical Tank video. This is a different side of Tank than what we're used to seeing, but we are definitely feeling the new Tank.

Take a look at the video for "Shots Fired" below:

"Shots Fired" is one of my favorite songs out right now and I have been eagerly waiting for the video to be released. The video for "Shots Fired" is dope and Mike Ho did a great job in capturing the "get turnt up" vibe of the song. Therefore, we give this video two thumbs up.

What do you think about the newly reinvented Tank? Are you feeling the video for "Shots Fired"? Sound off in the comments below.

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