Monday, July 29, 2013

Ryan Leslie Unveils "Black Mozart", A 25-Minute Documentary

Singer/songwriter/rapper/producer Ryan Leslie has unveiled a 25-minute documentary for his latest project, "Black Mozart".

Check it out after the break.
Ryan Leslie is a Grammy-nominated and Harvard-educated multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, rapper and producer who has produced hit songs like Cassie's "Me and U", Britney Spears' "The Answer", Fabolous '"You Be Killin Em", and his own songs, "Diamond Girl" and "Addiction" - just to name a few.

In the "Black Mozart" documentary, we get the opportunity to see Ryan Leslie's studio life as he travels overseas and records and produces new music for "Black Mozart". We also get glimpses of his everyday life outside of his studio/work life.

"Black Mozart" the album is currently available for download to members of Ryan Leslie's Renegades Club. You can sign up to become a member here.

Ryan Leslie is currently on tour with his "Black Mozart European Tour" that ends in November.

Check out the "Black Mozart" documentary below.

I have been a Ryan Leslie fan since 2009 when I first heard "Addiction". I did some further research on Leslie and went on YouTube where I came across him singing, recording and using multiple instruments to produce the track for "Addiction", and was quite impressed.

If you haven't seen this video, you must check it out.

Since he first came on the music scene, Ryan Leslie has had much success overseas and frequently performs and tours in Europe. However, he hasn't had the same success here in the United States that he has had overseas, and that's unfortunate as he is one of the most talented, yet underrated artists in the music industry. I tip my hat off to Ryan Leslie for his unparalleled music talents and wish him much success with his latest project, "Black Mozart".

What did you think about Ryan Leslie's "Black Mozart" documentary? Are you a Ryan Leslie fan?

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